And it all began with a Christmas Gathering!

What could be more inviting than the warmth of a home holiday party in December? And what can have a greater impact for eternity than the love of Jesus? Dona deeply desired to share her faith with the women at her gym. She heard that a Christmas Gathering was an easy, natural way to introduce people to Jesus in the comfort of one’s home, so she planned a party and invited guests. The women loved Dona’s party—the sights and smells and tastes of Christmas. Familiar faces became more than acquaintances as the women swapped favorite Christmas traditions and listened to a speaker share the true meaning of Christmas. Twelve of the women accepted a second invitation to meet again to learn more about Jesus. The twelve gathered weekly for the Reflections of Hope study, which highlights women of the Bible, whose lives were touched by Jesus. Each woman in the study had questions and problems like their own, yet their encounter with Jesus brought hope, healing, forgiveness. As friendships grew, so too grew the twelve’s understanding about Jesus, His heart of compassion, and His care for women—then and now. The study culminated with a showing of Magdalena: Through Her Eyes. All eyes remained fixed on the screen as the movie unfolded, connecting stories of the women in each Reflections of Hope lesson. A gospel presentation was given, followed by a time to reflect, celebrate and enjoy lunch. At the end of their time together, one woman gave her heart to Jesus. Another decided to start attending church again. Every woman was affected in some way. The community of twelve found their spirits lifted and their friendship strengthened. The women decided unanimously to continue to meet for another Bible study. “All this makes my heart glad and I’m so grateful for what God is doing in and through us,” expressed Dona, “Praise His Name!” And it all began with a Christmas Gathering. Can you see yourself reaching out to your friends through a Christmas Gathering?  Does the Reflections of Hope Bible study sound like a natural next step?  These links will help you get started!

November 27, 2017

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Magdalena: Through Her Eyes
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