A Christmas Gathering

Does sharing the gospel with your neighbors sound intimidating? Would you like a non-threatening way to tell your friends about your faith? Do you want to use your home for ministry but don’t know how? Here’s a simple, effective blueprint for ministry that answers all these concerns, a plan that has stood the test of time. Imagine for a moment, you receive an invitation from your neighbor, Jan, to a holiday party in her home. You arrive and are warmly welcomed as you step inside. Guests gather around a table decked with festive holiday indulgences. You join them, finding a seat next to a neighbor acquaintance who includes you in conversation. After a while, Jan invites each of you to share a favorite holiday tradition eliciting laughter and remembrances. Then, she directs your attention to her friend, Amanda, who brings the message of Christmas. Shortly after the message, comment cards are distributed, filled out and collected, while Jan encourages everyone to linger longer and enjoy more holiday treats. By evening’s end, all of the neighbors have taken their friendship up a notch. Some have met Jesus in a very personal way. Others have more questions. All have heard the true meaning of Christmas and experienced God’s love in a tangible way through the warmth of a Christmas Gathering. If you would like to learn more about hosting a Christmas Gathering in your home, visit

November 16, 2017


  1. Wow what a beautifully written article about a great strategy for reaching our neighbors with the love of Jesus!

  2. Wow what a beautifully written message about a great strategy for reaching our neighbors with the love of Jesus!

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