His Valentine

If asked for just a word one might associate with Valentine’s Day, many would say “Love.” In reality, Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. Some enjoy the promise of hearts, poems, flowers, chocolate and romance. Those without a special someone in their life may feel anxiety or dread. Still others see February 14 as just another day on the calendar. What word might Jesus relate to Valentine’s Day? Love? But then, He might also use that very word with Easter and Christmas. He might use that same word for any day of the year, for each day is His gift to us. Life itself is a gift from Him—our very breath, this one and the next. The salvation He offers is the best gift of all, if only we will accept it. Here is the good news: If you feel unloved or even unlovable, Jesus loves you beyond comprehension. If you feel lavished with love and cared for, Jesus loves you beyond comparison. His love cannot be outdone. You are His best Valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day.

February 13, 2015


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