Refugees Rejoice and Give Thanks

“Thanks so much for allowing us to show the ‘Magdalena’ film in Nepali to a group of Bhutanese refugees who live in our area here in Pittsburgh. These are Hindu people who started arriving in our area about three years ago. There are now about 6,000 in Pittsburgh, and more arrive each week.

 “We planned a special dinner around Thanksgiving time for the Bhutanese Community, and it was wonderful. Around 120 people came. We explained how at the first Thanksgiving the people already in the land sat down… and together they gave thanks to God. After dinner we invited them to watch ‘Magdalena’ in Nepali. About thirty people came up to watch. I believe for many it was the first actual explanation of Christian beliefs they had ever heard. At the end, they applauded for a while. An older woman just kept shaking my hand saying ‘thank you’ repeatedly. After watching ‘Magdalena,’ one of the men said, ‘Teach us everything. Start from the beginning because we do not know anything.’ So that is what we will attempt to do by the Grace of God.

 “Thanks so much for making such an excellent presentation of the Gospel and Christian truth. Blessings,

Pastor Dan Cramer”

November 27, 2013

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Magdalena: Through Her Eyes
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