Survivor to Survivor

Katariina Rosenblatt survived the horror of abuse and human trafficking. It changed her. Once the victim, she now reaches out, survivor to survivor, to young girls with whom she shares the common experience of exploitation, offering hope and help and rescue. Her ministry, “There is H.O.P.E. for Me,” finds and mentors abused girls, some as young as 14, in strip clubs, casinos, jails and group foster care homes. She addresses public high schools, where girls are sometimes recruited into child-sex trafficking. “I think Magdalena was made for us,” said Kat. “From the minute I heard about the Magdalena film, I knew it was perfect for our girls, and we needed to be a part of this.” The Magdalena movie and companion Bible study, Reflections of Hope, are an excellent fit for Katariina’s ministry, combining evangelism and discipleship. Perhaps you, too, can see yourself as an agent of compassion, bringing hope to real people. You can choose to make a difference today. 

January 31, 2017

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Magdalena: Through Her Eyes
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