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More than 2,200 DVDs of “Magdalena”…that’s how many copies of this amazing movie we distributed during September’s 2013 Aglow International Global Conference in Orlando! We can only imagine how God will use this tool in the hands of these energized Aglow women (who represented more than 100 countries)! Pray with us that this beautiful video story of God’s love for women will be used in mighty ways as Aglow women incorporate “Magdalena” into their personal ministries.

October 22, 2013


  1. presentamos la película Magdalena en Medellin colombia; con un éxito total y buena aceptación por los pastores,pastoras y lideres de grupos de mujeres en la ciudad.Hemos estado llevando los talleres del proyecto Magdalena; en varios municipios de Antioquia.
    Somos un grupo de Mujeres pastoras llamado “Emem” como presidente de la junta de mujeres pastoras; llego a mis manos esta hermosa herramienta que impacto mi vida desde el primer momento que lo vi; desde entonces no descansamos; de compartir este proyecto a las con siervas y lideres de toda la región de Antioquia. Gracias por dejasen usar.en mi fb encontraran fotos de lo que hemos hecho.

    present the film in Medellin Colombia Magdalena; with a total success and well received by pastors, pastors and leaders of women’s groups in ciudad. Hemos been leading workshops Magdalena project; in several municipalities of Antioquia. We are a group of women pastors called “Emem” as chairman of women pastors; get my hands this beautiful tool that impact my life from the first moment I saw it; since we do not rest; share this project with servants and leaders the entire region of Antioquia. Thanks for dejasen friendly.On my fb find pictures of what we have done.

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Magdalena: Through Her Eyes
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