Winter to Spring

Winter. Seems long, and for some, it has indeed been harsh. Just ask anyone in Boston, who right now might find it hard to imagine there can be anything else. But, a time will come for the earth in its tilt to bring sun’s rays and warm tidings to its surface and melt the snowpack. Daffodils and tulips are just under the surface, waiting to burst forth in bright array, shouting courage and hope and promise: Yes! Spring is coming! How very much like this are our lives before we give our hearts to God—a cold and barren landscape, devoid of hope. In His perfect time, God makes known what has been written in the Book of Life from eternity past, and gives an infusion of SON-light. With His work on the cross, Jesus reaches out with the warmth of His love, exposing our sin and enabling our hearts to thaw and respond to Him. He transforms ashes into fertile, fruit-bearing soil. Yes! A new season has come!

February 19, 2015

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