Magdalena Today


"Women will see His gift of forgiveness no matter what generation, no matter what pain, no matter what shame."

Viewer, Florida

"I understand being shamed and defeated, even though I’m confident and accomplished in my career. I would share this [movie] with professional women..."

Viewer, Iowa

"I could put myself in each woman's life from the movie. All women, from the beginning of time, share the same experiences."

Viewer, Pennsylvania

"I'm struck by the compassion, grace, forgiveness and tenderness of Jesus. I'm moved by His gentleness, patience and love for all the unlovely."

College Senior, Tennessee

"Now I see how God sees me..."

Viewer, Central Asia

"I was a Mary Magdalene in the past, but God reached in and pulled me up. I want to do that with other women."

Ministry Leader, Orlando, FL

"Our women were so captured by the film and eager to share their experience."

Ministry Leader, Orlando, FL

"Many of our ladies were able to identify with the issues of the women depicted in the film. It was great to be a part of something that impacted so many."

Ministry Leader, Orlando, FL


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Magdalena: Through Her Eyes