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A Movie Night With A Purpose

A "Through Her Eyes" event at your home or church could be the turning point in the life of someone you know. Your gracious hospitality can open the way to the loving acceptance-and joyful freedom-that awaits those who open their hearts to Christ. These available resources make hosting such a gathering simple, smooth and effective:

  • Purchase DVD and Companion Bible Study
  • Free Planning Guide
  • Free Promotional Resources
  • Free Follow-up Resources and more!

Motivate women to look at their own journeys and in turn share Magdalena's message with their family, friends and neighbors.

At a Glance:

15 minutesWelcome.
5 minutesWatch "Free" – a short video for the modern woman.
60 minutesWatch the "Magdalena: Through Her Eyes" 60-minute condensed version.
25 minutesConnect through small group discussion.
15 minutesMake a difference by joining a "Magdalena" Bible study, hosting a "Through Her Eyes" event at home, or purchasing "Magdalena" DVDs to share – with half of the suggested price of $10 to benefit a women's cause your church supports.

Read a "Magdalena" Story to see the impact of this film.
Sample Promotional Video
Magdalena Training Video

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Magdalena: Through Her Eyes