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Promotional Videos:

The videos listed here are contained on the "Magdalena: Through Her Eyes" DVD. They may also be downloaded for free by clicking on the 'Download' link. (Note: You may need to right-button click.)
5 Minute Video: Watch | Download
2 Minute Video: Watch | Download
1 Minute Video: Watch | Download
30 Second Video: Watch | Download
Movie Trailer: Watch | Download
Event Video:

"FREE" - Life happens. If we aren't careful, the concerns of the world can begin to weigh us down. Before we know it we can't be who God created us to be. This suggested video for the event is contained on the "Magdalena: Through Her Eyes" DVD (or $15 on SermonSpice). 1:56 minutes
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Optional Videos:

"CLEAN SLATE" - The beauty of the magna doodle is that with one swipe we get a do-over. We often don't recognize it, but the kingdom of God is just as forgiving. This piece is an incredible visual metaphor of forgiveness, grace, and peace through Jesus Christ.
1:29 minutes $15
Preview at WorshipHouseMedia

"ONE NEED" - People are all looking for one thing in life and have one need - TRUTH. The truth that will set them free and the only absolute in a world of relativity. God's truth is the only thing in life that can make anyone truly satisfied.
2:29 minutes $15
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