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e had a wonderful time at the showing of "Magdalena: Through Her Eyes" in our church, Vriesland Reformed Church on April 14. The evening went very well and many lives were touched with the message of hope and love. We had a nice turn out and many positive comments. The women responded with words of thank you and appreciation, personal stories were shared, women came forward for encouragement and prayer for their circumstances, and many signed up for the follow-up Bible study.

This was highly promoted as an outreach opportunity, and there were many new faces in the group. Our pastors really got behind us and promoted it, even having the message on the Sunday before about God's working in Mary Magdalene's life, and how there is a little Mary Magdalene in all of us. In short, the Holy Spirit was present and working in hearts, and God truly blessed it! We give all the praise and glory to Him!

Jill V.
Zeeland, MI



want to say thank you so much for the "Magdalena" DVD and to tell you how exciting it is to see how God is using this powerful ministry tool for women. For years I talked with my mother about Christ, but she always seemed reluctant to receive His salvation. After watching "Magdalena" together, we cried and talked about the Lord and His love. This gave me the opportunity to share about how Jesus changed my life, what He means to me and how much He loves her. After a few questions she agreed to ask the Lord into her heart. It was such a tender and loving moment. I was so honored and blessed to experience this precious time with my mother.

About 2 weeks after mom accepted Christ she was admitted to a hospital for severe stomach pain. During her stay she had 3 seizures and 2 new mini-strokes. This unfortunate turn of events caused her to regress mentally and physically. Even though this setback is heartbreaking, I rejoice in knowing that she knows the Lord as her personal Savior, that we will be together in Heaven and that God's timing is ALWAYS perfect. No matter where a person is or what they are facing, GOD can and does change lives.

Orlando, FL


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Magdalena: Through Her Eyes